Does Ubuntu kernel build scripts need to be adjusted to incorporate these changes? I, immediately, plug it back and turned it on to find the touchpad all jumpy. I’ll take some time and make patches for upstream. Any chance these tools and configurations will end up in Lucid in April? Device manager will open up. I patched the psmouse driver and rebuilt the psmouse module. Please support this piece of hardware.

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It is the successor of GSynaptics, and has a wider range of hardware devices supported it is not limited only to Synaptics Upgrade your kernel to at least 2.

Note that each time you update the kernel you will need to go through the compilation and replacement steps again. Even my usb-mouse is malfunctioning right now You should see something like “Finger Sensing Pad, hw: I decided to figure it all out this morning, and the results are in the attachment.

Bug # “Add driver for Sentelic Touch pad” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Did not work, non-trackpad mouse still loses ability to click and trackpad crazy after suspend. Just out of curiosity, why was I not able to make the psmouse.


This means that there’s no way out of the box to disable tap-to-click or modify pointer speed settings.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This driver is actually up stream in the 2.

Does Ubuntu kernel build scripts need to be adjusted to incorporate these changes? Hopefully I can carve out some time this week to try it out. I patched the psmouse driver and rebuilt the psmouse module. Anthony Wong anthonywong wrote on In any case, do you know if some addition configuration program like fspc is needed with the driver in 2.

Sentelic touchpad driver for Windows 10, 64 bit

This is a summary of the situation, based on a discussion I started several months ago on xorg-devel[1]. The diff can be found in the git repository, or you can download it directly by following this link: And what bugs me is that I cannot reproduce the original good state even with a clean install or a live-usb.

Also as mentioned before the driver is upstream now. The directions as phil described work perfectly.

Is that covered in this bug? Found relative axes [ The netbook is not mine I could be of help with testing, but I do not have the skills to jump in and create a package myself for this.


How to enable two-finger scroll on MSi GT683R

Have not been able to compile it yet. Though don’t think it is. Comment on this change optional. They didn’t, so I plugged my emergency usb mouse and did some log reading. I think you need to do the reset thing.

Your name or email address: With the modified driver loaded, the configuration utility works fine. Option “HorizTwoFinger Scroll” “1” 3 Open your favorite X app, and make a status on how horizontal and vertical two-finger scrolling work for you.

Vertical two-finger scrolling also becomes much smoother. Then go to the command line and type “sudo fspc” and up pops the driver window. Unload psmouse with “modprobe -r psmouse”. I’ve been working on refining and extending Oskari’s improvements – my version is available as a fork of Oskari’s version on GIthub.

But, I need to know if and how it works on toucbpad and later versions of the touchpad.