This input controls the direction of the motor. The original jumpers provided with the MD2S should be used since they provide better connections for carrying motor current than other common jumpers. The MD2S typically draws 50mA quiescent current. The high state will ramp down to stop. The motor position may change slightly when current reduction kicks in. The high state selects the high speed set by DIP switches 6,7 and 8. Asserting this input has priority over the zero-speed auto current reduction enabled by DIP switch 3 and is not additive.

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US Digital’s compatibility guides will help you find the perfect match. Hang onto the jumper handles with fingers or needle nose pliers while changing.

See complete warranty for details. US Digital is aware of the increasing attention to world-wide environmental regulations, specifically with regard to the need for hazardous substance restrictions in electronic components and systems.

If the motor is already running and this input is changed, the motor will ramp down to stop, then ramp up in the new direction. Disk and Linear Strip Processing Manufacturing: Product Description The MD2S is a universal programmable microstepping moyor motor driver capable of driving size 17 to 42 stepper motors.

Robot Controller: Brushless

The current drawn from the power supply is normally much less than the current flowing in the motor due to efficient switching into the low motor impedance. Product Notes Cables and connectors are not included and must be ordered separately.


US Digital designs and manufactures rotary absolute and incremental optical encoders, inclinometers and other precision motion control components used in a variety of applications including industrial automation, medical, robotics, textiles, renewable energy and more.

This input can be changed at any time and will cause the motor to ramp toward the desired direction. For purchasing or volume discounts, please use the above part number and contact us at: The red LED is normally off. How do we do it? The chart below shows only Jumpers 1 to 5.

See below for Microstep Resolution Table. The high state selects the high speed set by DIP switches 6,7 and 8. The motor direction can also be reversed by swapping pins 5 and 6 of J3.

US Digital Products Md2s-p Micro Stepping Motor Driver

They are not for jumpers or customer use. Make sure that the terminal blocks are wired to the MD2S correctly before applying power. The MD2S will ramp up or down to follow the real-time setting of the switches. The MD2S-D will then ramp up from zero speed to the selected speed at the selected acceleration if enabled. Compatibility Guides Looking for kicrostepping parts? Nearly all of the power is consumed by the motor. Two sets of jumpers select the desired peak motor current, one for each motor winding.


US Digital® | Products » MD2S Microstepping Motor Driver

Please note that the MD2S-D will immediately stop without ramping down when this input is asserted. Please configure your product for 3D model downloads. Do not allow the motor leads to short each microsteppinf, to ground or to power as this could damage the MD2S.

When full stepping, the resonance of a stepper motor is so pronounced that the motor will commonly stall even when no load is present. The motor position may change slightly when current reduction kicks in. Special resolutions may be available upon request.

Peak motor currents are selectable from 0. This will usually not cause noise problems, but depends on the system grounding situation. Torque remains relatively constant until it starts falling off at a speed threshold proportional to the power supply voltage.

High performance stepper motors are designed with minimum winding resistance and inductance to minimize heat loss and maximize high speed torque. The acceleration may also be customer specified. This allows the user to slowly move to a hard stop and stall, thus executing a home cycle without the need for a home position sensor.