A new version RPC-1 is available. You can now also find this page at www. Plextor PX-WT firmware 1. Tons of new firmware. Click the Update Driver button next to your driver.

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I have no idea. Updated a bit the DVD page. And this time, you are able to flash a drive shipped originally with the 2. Hunter finally make available the final version of the utility windows version.

DVD-ROM firmware upgrade

I think the only way to make them changing position, is an economical pressure until they release a region free firmware RPC1like they do before. New firmware for the Kenwood TrueX 72X e. This file is based on the latest firmware AA Added the very asked firmware 1. I haven’t be able to test it yet. A RPC-1 firmware E is available for the drive.

These firmware are probably RPC2. Please let me know if it works as expected. Automatic driver updates are fast, efficient and elimate all the guesswork. DVD manufacturers look like to have bad luck with the locked drives, lots of them come back from unhappy customers. See the link page to find them.


Matsushita sr-8584a Free Driver Download Reviews

Updated the DVD page with new drives infos. This new firmware support the newly adopted DVD-R 2.

xr In fact, upon first insertion of DVD-Video disc it reports as region free, after insertion it becomes region locked.

Firmware v for the Kenwood True 62X and 72X.

After downloading your driver update, you will need to install it. Please no mail unless it’s important like new firmware, new patch, important informations To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using a patched firmware. Aopen CRW firmware 1. It seem there is a workaround to the lack of region free firmware. Briana Paxtonew Since i don’t have a Pioneeri have not tested the file. The other good matshitx, is the firmware can also be used on the Creative DVDE drives to make them region free.

Make a look in the message board. If you succeed to flash your drive, please let me know.


It seem all the newest Pioneer drives will be shipped with this new firmware who will make the drive unable to use the modified firmware. HP 93x0i series 1. If you mmatshita any problems while updating your drivers, you can use this feature to restore your previous drivers and configuration settings.

Available in original and patched RPC-1 versions. The new official URL for the firmware page is www. If you want to use them use the C61f firmware.