Thank you for your HowTo. Start LCDd in the foreground: Partners Support Community Ubuntu. So, there is no any problem to install its driver under Linux. It behaves similarly when power is interrupted and then booted up under WinXP so it appears to be independent of OS – perhaps a signal necessary to initiate the device following a complete loss of power is not being supplied by BIOS. There is an only one problem with lircd.

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Hat von euch zufaellig wer ein Soundgraph imon VFD in betrieb? Finally my remote responds in IRW. Whilst the machine is running, carefully disconnect the little power connector in the lniux wire red, black, purple in mine connection that runs from the mobo power supply plug to the IMON device.

iMON PAD, MINI, VFD, LCD, Touch, etc.

My intention is to make the instructions more generic over time to work with more IMON display models. The Part 1 procedures should work for either device, but different procedures are required to get the displays on these alternative devices working. To blank the VFD whenever the computer is shut down, you need to replace the standard goodbye message with a blank string.


The following is the button usage of the default remote ijon. Don’t worry about it!

Be aware when you need to troubleshoot. The little square pixels that display the characters on the VFD device are greenish in colour whereas those on the LCD device are blue.

Setting Up LIRC For The IMON VFD and LCD Display

After download, check that they are there and are owned by root: I am new to linux and just don’t know where to start. There is an only one problem with lircd. The Dual Knob and control buttons system can vrd the easiest way to navigation and media control.

January 15th, 6.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

The Lirc project fully supports linu imon device, however there are patches available for e. Results 1 to 10 of January 16th, 7. Thanks Venky, you rock.

The information on this page may no vfx be relevant to the current release of MythTV, Now do the following: For LCDproc version 0. I don’t think it’s the same driver as iMon. Thank you for your HowTo. I am still trying to figure out why, I think the make install is sending the final executable to the wrong directory.


Most devices have a Vendor ID of 0x15c2.

Configuration for the Antec Fusion Black Knob: LCDd will drop its root priviledges, if any, and run as this vvd instead. Please help to fill the gaps or discuss the issue on the talk page. Device IDs are typically either 0xffdc or somewhere in the 0x through 0x range.

It seems to use a propriatry protocol that looks like the RC-MM protocol.

heretic: iMon VFD on Arch Linux

Spended much really much time to search the web, and readed many manuals and how-to’s. Retrieved from ” http: IIRC correctly vfv was. Bus Device Following the initiation in this way, the LCD operates normally following shutdown and reboot.