Then, step through the other screens as we did before; the OS installation should kick in again at the end. This volume will be used for loading Linux. In other words, the Xen hypervisor is a thin layer of software that sits on top of the hardware; each guest operating system’s kernel and drivers have to be modified to run on it. Please visit the concurrent compatibility and code cross reference for Storwize V Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. After creating partitions and filesystems on the virtual disks, I get this from within test

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Multipath data access is a remedy to this issue.

IBM Subsystem Device Driver Device Specific Module (SDDDSM) – United States

However, since virtualization is becoming such a hot selling point, chip manufacturers are rushing to provide further support to this trend so processors that have Intel-VT or AMD Pacifica feature are able to support full virtualization for running unmodified guests on the Xen hypervisor, albeit with some performance hit.

After the server is rebooted, you should verify whether DMMP works using the command multipath qlogiic. Download the recommended version of the Storage Manager from the DS website. Since this friendly name may change in different Linux qloic, it’s better to get its exact name format by assigning one additional LUN from the DS and partitioning multipafh after DMMP adds it to the device map.


The guest OS doesn’t need any special driver to have multipath access to the backend storage. One way to counter this is by using a fully redundant path to access external SAN storage area network devices—in this way, you can reduce failures caused by storage subsystem access problems. Cluster Shared Volumes are supported multipqth Hyper-V. It’s always a good idea to make it big enough for future use:.

At this point, both guests are fully installed and configured to access their respective virtual disks with multipath ibk domain 0. XtremIO is not supported with Storwize V without the patch installed.

Configuring Linux hosts for SAN boot

Now that the Xen environment is up and running, it’s time to install the drivers to access the Qlohic storage. Download the QLogic driver installation package from the vendor’s Web site and install it according to its documentation.

Now that the storage device is set up, you can set up your server to get ready to install Linux on the SAN. Enough theory; let’s look at the architecture of the test environment. Use your normal procedure to reload the driver settings. If you like, you can add more paths between your server and your RAID array to increase reliability, such as adding one path between controller 1 and SAN 2 or one path between controller 2 and SAN 1.

If there are no enterprise HDDs in the pool: Sun Badged Emulex emlxs driver Emulex emlxs driver. Please refer to the VMware Compatibility Guide. Driver in OS Version.


In other words, the Xen hypervisor is a thin layer of software that sits on top of the hardware; each guest operating system’s kernel and drivers have to be modified to run on it. For simplicity, I show only two FC connections in Figure 2; each one is connected to the same set of switches as the host.

For Guest Operating System support please refer to Oracle.

Microsoft Windows Server R2. Without it, the system will recognize each path as a different device, and applications will not be able to use multiple paths at the same time.

Actually, starting from Xen 3.

For the sake of this exercise, I modified the name associated to each disk in the guest from xvd x to hd x like this:. Now you can run the command xm info to see some information from the Xen hypervisor. Your Sun support representative will perform hardware maintenance and firmware upgrade procedures. Please see the following flash. Brocade Brocade Brocade Brocade Imb mapping vdisks to hosts, only LUNs in the range 0 to can be qlohic. All the device drivers for accessing hardware are also loaded in Dom0.

Add new IO group access into disk Step3: Single Controller configuration is not supported.