Here are some of the emails I got yesterday. You can only vote once a day, unless you find a way to cheat. The listeners were amazed that was happening. Cannot guarantee pet or smoke free home. See pictures for more details.

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Loved races at the Milwaukee Mile! Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. The one his so called Nation votes for him.

I am in my car and cannot call you. And no, its not really fair. Buying Format see all. popuar

More refinements More refinements Let them change it to whatever jost they want because it does not matter…Jr Nation will come out on top. This is an easy problem to fix.

Guaranteed Delivery see all. A trip to the banquet for two all expenses paid.

Lionel Racing Pit Box: The Seventh NASCAR Day of Christmas: Seven Wins for Junior

Issues have been read but Overall Good Condition. He just has more fans!

The sponsor of the contest need to get a handle on that. I certainly support Chex wanting to have more hits to its website. I eat it every morning for breakfast.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. accepts the Chex Most Popular Driver Award

Now maybe if they did a vote off at the end out of the top so many for the year to get the winner for the year or something and during that week or whatever the time frame is they want to do that, that could be interesting. This contest is an honor. Had to walk in the school library to send this e-mail. There is a light red stripe on the back of the dustjacket.

My guess is that if fans could only vote once a popupar booooor once a month, Dale Jr would still win. I think it is a disgrace to the award to be able to make up email addresses and vote more than once. I got my poppular in this morning already and the page is bookmarked. Whatever voting system is used, it has to be fair and open to all people equally or the results are questionable.

Jayski’s® NASCAR Silly Season Site – Most Popular DriverAward

Or a 1 per month; then between those 3 for the quarter with the final vote between the quarterly for the end of year winner with all the quarterly winners being acknowledged some way.


Just in case he cjex manage to win a race before. Listed pics of each issue that is included. Anything is possible with enough effort. Glad you’ll be back in the sky for MTJ! Guaranteed 3 day delivery.

More than just a pretty picture. Voting is over, yet, we can still vote. If another photo is needed, I will add one. What I would do would not be what they want as they would get less hits on the site and probably not possible.

Let me know your feedback if you can. Sands replied to Mike Kenyon’s discussion Merry Christmas !