If your computer immediately starts up, good. Plus I disable the “annoy” feature on ups1. This is the most common connection for modern UPSes, especially those used with Windows computers. One primary server will be chosen to manage the task of commanding the UPS to power down. There are many ways one could set up multiple apcupsd instances.

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This is continud simplest way to install. Remember at the end of the testing to plug your machine back into the UPS.

This is evidenced by hiddev0: If you don’t have such a cable, you need to build one.

But… should be “merged it only for 2. I’ve sent a PR for adding apcupsd on pfSense 2.

Problem with APCUPSD on Win XP with BackUPS USB

Normally, when properly installed, apcupsd will be started and stopped automatically by your system. In this case, normally not more than about bytes of data will be kept before it is discarded by the system. To get the UPS to remove power from the system at the correct time during shutdown, i. New package Apcupsd is available for 2. After you have verified that your UPS is working correctly, you will probably want to query the state of its health occasionally.

If you would like to see all of the STATUS variables available over the network, click on the Data field of the desired system, and your browser will display something like the following:. Please read this before attempting to compile valic install the beta software.


This is no longer required, as all necessary adjustments can be made in apcupsd. In addition, there is a diagram near the end of this chapter. We recommend that you do so by writing your own script to be invoked by apccontrol rather than by modifying apccontrol directly.

Apcupsd will automatically search for your device in the standard places. Item 4 can be used to restart the monitoring of a Battery Calibration if you should some how become disconnected during the test. After completing this event, apcupsd will immediately initiate a doshutdown event.

The package build is controlled by a define set at the beginning of the file. As a part of the shutdown, apcupsd is terminated by the system, but the shutdown process executes a script where apcupsd is recalled after the disks are synced and the machine is idle. In order for this feature to work, you must configure your UPS to deliver traps to the server running apcupsd.

If you do not see any dmesg entries related to your UPS, ensure falid it is turned on and that the USB cable is connected at both ends.

Note that some vendors continue to distribute ancient versions of apcupsd with known defects. Not much can actually be conveyed this way other than an order to shut down. The most common cause of problems is either improper configuration of the cable type, or an incorrect address for the serial port.


APCUPSD User Manual

The device name is not defined on your system. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. If all goes well, your cannoot should be shutdown before the batteries are completely exhausted and the UPS should be powered off by apcupsd.

Under no circumstances should the UPS be turned apccupsd during a run time calibration procedure! The apcupsd philosophy is that all logging should be done through the syslog facility see: If you send the UPS a command that it does not recognize or that is not available on your UPS, it will normally respond with “NA” for “not available”, otherwise the response is vwlid in the “Typical results” column.

However, it is possible to directly invoke upsstats.

Please note that we are not sure the following diagram is correct. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. However, on Win32 systems, there is no Unix system log file, so if something goes wrong, look canmot the file c: Please note that a number of the configure options preset apcupsd.